Trez V. Pugh

Founder of Sip & Savor

Trez V. Pugh III, Founder and CEO of Sip & Savor Coffee Chicago, is a community-driven entrepreneur and speaker.  His collection of vibrant, eclectic coffee houses has won over coffee connoisseurs and local residents on Chicago’s South Side, and beyond.  In neighborhoods where dine-in options can be limited, Sip & Savor offers elegantly designed spaces that encourage customers to stay. With a menu of decadent fair trade coffees, mouthwatering treats, and a culture of customer service excellence, Sip & Savor has become a preferred venue for local residents, entrepreneurs, and politicians to host events and collaborate over their favorite brew.  Each location provides job opportunities as well as job training for young people from underserved communities.  Each shop operates within Trez’s 5 C concept for success: Keep operations crisp, clean, classy, consistent, and customer service focused.


Trez earned his bachelor’s degree in Information and Decision Science from The University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and provides housing to disabled veterans and homeless people. Trez has shared his recipe for success on outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, WGN, WCIU, WVON, and WBEZ and has been interviewed by Sun- Times, Tribune, Indigo, DNA Info, Fresh Cup, Metro-Mix. His more recent accolades include the Men of Excellence Award, Game Changers Award, and King of the Year.