Thomas Crosby

The Insurance Exchange

Thomas Crosby became an insurance agent for Prudential Insurance Company on August 26, 1974  . During his tenure at Prudential, Mr. Crosby learned much of what he knows about the industry today and became one of the first top selling African-American’s in the nation. However, after 9 years with Prudential, Mr. Crosby moved on to Country Companies in which he became the first minority agent hired in the state of Illinois.

After fully realizing his success and potential as an African-American agent in the insurance industry. Mr. Crosby began to see the importance of creating opportunities for more African-Americans to also become successful in such a lucrative industry that was and still is vitally important to our community. Only after 2 years with Country Companies, Mr. Crosby branched off into his own venture as The Insurance Exchange, Ltd. After a few years of building his clientele, he became a General Manager for American National Insurance Company and used it to help grow The Insurance Exchange, Ltd. as well.

Between the years of 1986-1998, Mr. Crosby grew one of the leading African-American insurance agencies in the states of Illinois and Indiana.Mr. Thomas E. Crosby Sr. and The Insurance Exchange, Ltd. are definitely a trailblazers in the insurance industry. Even after building the agency, Mr. Crosby is still focused on providing integrity and education regarding insurance products to the community and on training more African-Americans and other minorities to be successful in the insurance industry.