Portia Mittons

Bridge City Collective / The Coughie Pot / Legit Trappin

Portia Mittons began her professional career as a cannabis Professional in 2017 While picking up a new client, Blue1647 now BlueLacuna, a coworking incubator, Portia began working on the application for The Coughie Pot Dispensary in Oregon.  She was awarded a recreational cannabis retail license on January 20, 2017 and opened on January 31, 2017 with her then partner Cheryl Farnsworth. Being awarded this license made Portia the 1st African American to be granted a recreational cannabis retail license in the state of Oregon. Portia currently holds the position of owner/operator of The Coughie Pot dispensary and handles many day to day operations regarding the dispensary. In 2020 she added a Legit Trappin clothing line to encourage normalization of cannabis and the cannabis industry as a whole.

Portia has made it her mission to champion more inclusiveness in the cannabis industry, utilizing the Legit Trappin forum to inform, educate, train, mentor, and connect professionals from all walks of business. She sees the mantra “Legit Trappin” as a celebratory idiom that high-lights the hustle required to see a dream, idea, or concept into fruition and onto the market. Upon her return back to the state of Illinois in October 2020, Portia began to expand her social and economic focus to assisting and preparing new entrants to join the recreational cannabis industry. She personally mentors individuals on an as needed basis, she has participated as a guest speaker (virtually) for the cannabis course at Chicago State University. She is involved with the Cook County Cannabis Commission, beginning her second year as Co-Chair for the Minority Access Committee of the Cannabis Business Association of Illinois (CBAI) who represents over 90% of the active cannabis industry. She also sits on the board of the Oregon Retailer’s Cannabis Association (ORCA) and is an active member of the Social Equity and Racial Justice committee. With nearly a lifetime in the boardroom, and a wealth of entrepreneurial experiences, Portia aims to foster another generation of business women and men using cannabis as a catalyst!