Nicole Wheatly

Steps Inc. Consulting

Affirmations are the statements that empower me to greatness. I am SUCCESS. I am healthy, happy, whole, perfect, prosperous, wealthy and complete. I affirm daily that goodness that I need invoked into my life.

Bio: When communities are left in great disparity, seemingly without any hopes of being revitalized, it is common for residents, businesses and others to flee. Nicole’s great passion is bringing communities back to life again by empowering people to build strategies and learn to work with one another to make progressive change. Nicole J-Wheatly is a Community Development Consultant that specializes in revitalizing neighborhoods. Nicole, a graduate of DePaul University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, has also earned the Urban Public Policy Certificate of Graduate Studies at the University of Illinois. She has completed her Masters of Arts Degree in Applied Professional Studies at DePaul University and focused on “Urban Studies”, graduating with Honors.


Highly inspired Nicole J-Wheatly has worked over the past 20 years as a Community Development Planner with a strong emphasis in Business and Housing Development. She is the Founder of Sensual Steps Shoe Salon– a premiere high fashion shoe boutique in the heart of the Bronzeville community. She is also the Founder of Steps Inc. Consulting, a community development organization that provides comprehensive community plans to improve the quality of businesses, housing, education, social services and health/security. Nicole is the Founder of Providing U Motivation to Pursue Success, known as P.U.M.P.S., it is a nonprofit education and neighborhood revitalization organization that is committed to strengthening neighborhoods and lives through homeownership and business creation.