Maze Jackson

Founder of What's In It for the Black People

 Political strategist, media personality, and urban marketing pioneer, Maze Jackson has a diverse background of experience in the worlds of business, politics, and community engagement.  Maze has over 20 years of experience lobbying for high profile clients, creating community-based solutions and driving the discussions that shape the policies of the urban community.  

As a media personality, Maze has been featured on ABC, CBS, The New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, and a variety of other high profile media outlets. Most recently Maze hosts of The Mazer Jackson Show, which airs everyday on WBGX 1570 AM from 6-9am.  Maze’s show is noted locally for its willingness to challenge the local power dynamic by openly asking the question, “What’s in it for the Black People?”

Maze is married to Metropolitan Water Reclamation Commissioner Kari K. Steele, and is the proud father of two, Milan (daughter) and Mazonne II (son).