Deon Lucas

Deon Lucas currently serves as the Director of Design for Beehyyve, an architecture & engineering firm, and is a Co-Founder of E.G. Woode, an entrepreneurial and real-estate development collaborative. He is responsible for establishing both organizations creative strategy, and developing budgets & schedules for key development projects. His roles also require him to directly mentor and supervise creative teams while challenging and introducing new and innovative methods of executing project goals. Deon strives to motivate and influence his team to constantly excel in performance and enhance organizational objectives.

Additionally, Deon is a proud, dedicated member of the Residents Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.). He joined R.A.G.E. to learn more about Englewood’s culture, businesses and entrepreneurial environment. That experience enabled him to build the foundation for E.G. Woode and transcend into a space of community develop that will impact not only Englewood, but also other communities that are seeking to resolve both their social and economic challenges