Cassiopeia Uhuru


Truly born a star and a queen, Cassiopeia was sent here with a clear purpose and plan to make great change.  Daughter to a passionate activist, Cassiopeia was raised knowing the rich history, pride and culture of Afrikan people, and has taken this passion and turned it into her life’s work.  Upon entering college, this passion was fortified by the Black student union’s MAAFA program that exposed to her the darkness that came from the African holocaust.  But becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. via the Most Magnificent Lambda Chapter gave her the tool of economic development that she knew would be the light to help progressively change the future for her people.  

Thus, the idea of recycling the Black Dollar took hold and eleven years later, Cassiopeia and her partner co-founded TheBlackMall.com, a Black business platform to promote, sell and distribute their products/services. It’s our mission to make Black brands household names.  An undertaking that takes a lot of strength, courage, resourcefulness and love but Cassiopeia’s queendom isn’t complete without her family.  She is made stronger and balanced through the love she receives from being a wife and mother.